Wheel Clamp Starter Kit

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Full Kit to Deter Repeat Parking Offences

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Includes -

  • 1no. London triangular Wheel Clamp
  • 1no.FED Security Padlock
  • 1no.roll of Clamping stickers (250/roll)
  • 1no.600 x 600mm Clamping sign for 76mm pole mount
  • Purchase additional clamps, locks, signs or stickers as neeeded

Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Heavy Duty
Anti Rust

Product Specifications:

  • Wheel Clamp Weight: 14.1kg
  • 3mm thick steel triangle
  • Cover Plate (mm): 560(H) x 590(W)
  • Chain: 10mm hardened square link
  • Reinforced with 20mm steel tubing

The Wheel Clamp Starter Kit gives you all you need to start parking enforcement for your business or premises. The high-quality wheel clamp has been designed to provide an excellent means of clamping illegally parked cars. The wheel clamp itself is quick and easy to deploy and comes with its own high-grade chain that deters a motorist from removing it from their vehicle. Once locked into place using the FED Padlock the wheel clamp will be very difficult to remove, helping to thoroughly enforce legal parking on the given premises.

With the wheel clamping kit, you also receive the wheel clamping sign - an excellent and highly visible means of telling your customers or nearby motorists that clamping is in operation. The aluminium design of the clamping sign means that it is perfect for outdoor environments - the sign comes with clips and channels to mount it to any standard 76mm sign pole. The traffic grade reflective also means that it will be highly noticeable to motorists, even in low light conditions with the car headlights.

The clamping warning stickers are also an ideal companion product to the wheel clamp itself. The stickers can be used in conjunction with the clamp to warn cars that have illegally parked in your area. The roll of 250 stickers can be used one sticker at a time and can be easily attached to the window of the offending vehicle.

The final part of the wheel clamping kit is the FED Padlock. Made with a tough steel body, the FED padlock is perfect for use with the wheel clamp and ensures that removal of the clamp would not be an easy task for an illegal parking offender. The chrome-plated shackle and the heel-toe locking system allow the lock to be secured quickly and easily and deters tampering.

The Wheel Clamp Starter Kit is a perfect selection of parking enforcement products that will help you to stop illegally parking cars on your premises today. Order from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment quick dispatch.