RS60 Retention Socket

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The RS60 Retention Socket can be installed into concrete quickly and easily and allows for excellent added durability to bollards or a means of allowing access when required.

  • RS60 x 300
  • 300(H) x 225(W) x 116(D) mm
  • Suitable for use with 60 Ø mm tube
  • Facilitates Passive Safety design to EN12767
  • Foundation size and specification to EN40 & BD94/07
  • Product tested and load rated to EN124 B125
  • Easy installation - concrete into ground FAST
  • Allows for access - remove bollards when required
  • Highly durable - robust ductile iron design
  • Electro zinc plated - will not rust or corrode
  • Also available in RS60 x 450 and RS60 x 600
Anti Rust
Concrete In
Easy Installation

The RS60 Retention Sockets offers an excellent addition to any sub-surface bollard or street furniture and provides excellent durability whie they are installed. The bollards in question can be inserted and secured with incredible ease.

The sockets allow for removal of the bollards when required, making them ideal for areas where bollards or street furniture will need to be removed, to allow temporary access for for new works.

Each retentions socket is made from high quality, robust ductile iron - their natural durability makes them perfect for retaining bollards in place and they will add excellent stability for them at all times. The added electro zinc plating provides protection to the socket and prevents rusting and corrosion while they are in use.

The use of retention sockets with bollards has become highly sought after - these sockets allow for access when required or helps to prevent repeat excavations which can become costly and troublesome over time.