SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors - 320mm

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Full Steel Design Protects Against Vandalism

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  • 320mm diameter
  • Includes bracket for 52mm pole
  • Can also be mounted directly to walls
  • Highly durable full steel design
  • Excellent vision of oncoming traffic
  • Fully tested - unbreakable, vandal proof
  • Will survive missiles, debris and weathering
  • Easy installation - mount in minutes
Shatter resistant
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Easy Installation
Anti Rust

The SeeClear Steel Convex Mirror - 320mm can be installed quickly and easily onto a 52mm pole, providing an instant way of observing oncoming traffic and ensuring maximum safety for an area where there are blind spots in terms of roads. Each mirror is made entirely from high-quality steel - the steel mirror front provides excellent vision over time and is virtually unbreakable during use.

The bracket that comes with the convex mirrors allow for easy installation on site - your mirror can be used within minutes of opening the box. The hood on the top of the mirror also helps to keep precipitation off the mirror front when it can, allowing the mirror to remain as clear as possible at all times.

Where to use the SeeClear steel convex mirrors

The tough steel design makes it perfect for use in an urban environment where it is durable against missiles, rocks, vandalism and more. Even if it becomes dented from vandalism it can still provide excellent vision for oncoming motorists where needed.