Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand (5-10 bikes)

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Single Piece Design with Storage for 10 Bikes

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  • 3100(L) x 800(H) x 650(W) mm
  • Store up to 10 bikes at once
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hot-dip galvanised - will not rust
  • 800mm between each individual stand
  • Easily lock bikes into place (requires bike lock)
  • Excellent security - lock bikes by frame
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Bolt Down
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Heavy Duty
Easy Installation
Anti Rust

The Sheffield Style Toast stand has the same dimensions & specifications as the individual Sheffield bike stands but is supplied in modules for easy joining together on-site to create a toast-stand effect as you can see in the picture, with a steel section base. The Sheffield Style Toast stand stands are positioned 800mm apart and are simply bolted to the floor. This means the Sheffield Style Toast stand is incredibly simple to install and has an attractive appearance.

The Sheffield Style Toast stand can accommodate up to 10 bicycles at one time, using the 5 Sheffield bike stands supplied. Each bike stand unit is hot-dip galvanized which ensures it will have an incredibly long service life and represents great value for money while providing excellent protection against rusting and corrosion.

How to install the Sheffield toast rack?

This bike toast rack can be installed quickly and easily directly into the ground using the pre-drilled holes provided in the mainframe. Each stand comes with 4-pre-drilled holes for easy bolting down into the ground. This makes it ideal for quick installation in schools, public spaces, private premises and more.

Each individual Sheffield can accommodate 2 bikes at a time by allowing a bike to be locked into place on either side. This provides the customer with a toast rack with great storage capabilities of up to 10 bikes at a time.

Using the Sheffield toast rack bike rack to store bicycles

The Sheffield toast rack provides increased security to bicycles by allowing you to lock via bike frames, rather than wheels. The base of the stand is 50mm sided which makes it extremely sturdy. The stand is 800mm high and there is a gap of 750mm between each stand, ensuring there is enough room for bike users to lock their bikes in place when they need to.

Bike users require their own lock to use when locking their bikes in place. This acts as an excellent deterrent to bike theft wherever it may be used, providing excellent security by allowing bikes to be locked by their frame as well as by the wheel.

The 50mm wide frames provide an excellent base for this product, ensuring that they are very sturdy and very stable once they are installed correctly into the ground. The bike stand can provide excellent bike storage solutions for schools and colleges and other similar places. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.

Product Specifications

• Length 3100mm

• Width 650mm

• Height 800mm