Skipper Wall Support Bracket

Style Price Quantity
Standard Support Bracket (747694)
€35.00ex VAT
€43.05inc VAT
Magnetic Support Bracket (747695)
€44.00ex VAT
€54.12inc VAT
Use Skipper Belts with Walls/Metal Surfaces

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • 168(H) x124(W) x 133(D) mm
  • Choose from standard or magnetic bracket
  • Standard - fixes to walls or flat surfaces
  • Magnetic - attach to metal surfaces
  • Easily attach Skipper units - snap-on design
  • Quick relaease clip prevents accidental detaching
  • Create permanent/semi-permanent barrier systems

The Skipper Wall Support Bracket allows you to easily combine Skipper units with flat surfaces. The brackets can be mounted to walls or metal surfaces to use the barrier tape on areas where the posts are not required. 

Each bracket can be mounted with ease. The standard bracket can be fixed into place onto a wall or other solid surface. The magnetic option can be mounted to vehicles, beams, shelving and more. 

The twist-in design allows the belt barrier to be attached with great ease. The quick release clip allows the barrier to be removed easily when not needed. It also helps to prevent accidental releasing by keeping the unit in place at all times.

Use the Skipper Wall Support Brackets to create permament or semi-permanent barrier systems where you need them most.