Switchboard Electrical Protective Matting

Mat Size: 91cm x linm
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ESD Matting for Sub-Stations & Generator Rooms

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  • 6.4mm thick insulating matting
  • Use at high voltage boxes/electrical fuse boxes
  • Non-conductive - eliminates risk of electrical shocks
  • Replace every 12 months for optimum safety
  • Ribbed anti-slip surface to reduce slips and falls
Non Conductive
Medium Traffic
Anti Fatigue

Antistatic protection prevents workers from getting an electric shock in dangerous high voltage areas. Insulating matting prevents workers from being grounded and provides safety in case of electrical shock (not ESD).

The ESD mats can be used in substations, high voltage boxes and much more. The ribbed design also provides an excellent grip for workers while they are using the mat. 

Ideally, the electrical matting should be replaced every 12 months to ensure optimum safety for the area. Once in place workers can be protected from high voltage areas and will reduce the risk of workplace accidents. 

Product Details

  •  Ozone, flame and oil resistance
  • Can be cut down and will not lose its properties
  • Has to be replaced every 12 months for optimum safety and directly after damaging
  • Conforms to ANSI/ASTM D-178
  • Free of toxic DOP and DMF