Wheel Clamp Warning Sticker Yellow

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Strong Adhesive - Hard to Remove

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  • 200mm high, 150mm wide 
  • 250 stickers per roll
  • Strong adhesive backing - hard to remove
  • High quality artwork - easily seen
  • Space for clamper to leave their contact details
  • Use with wheel clamps for best effect
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

The Wheel Clamp Warning Stickers are perfect for helping to deter drivers from parking illegally in your area, providing an excellent means of applying them directly to the car windows of offending motorists. The bright yellow design will surely catch the attention of both the offending motorists and motorists who might consider offending.

Each roll of warning stickers comes with 250 individual easy-peel stickers, each measuring 200 x 150mm, approximately A5 size. The black text is striking against the yellow background, and the box in the middle of the sticker lets the clamper insert their contact details so they can attempt to remove the clamp.

Applying the sticker to an offending car is easy, with each sticker having a very strong adhesive. When applying the sticker, we recommend that you clear the window of dust so that the sticker will stick to the window as best as possible.

Use these clamping stickers with our Triangular London Wheel Clamp to stop drivers from illegally parking in your area. If a driver comes back to these on their car, they will think twice about parking illegally again.