Slow Stop

The Strongest All Steel Guarding System For Warehouse Safety

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13 Item(s)

Slow Stop

The Slow Stop Guarding Systems are the strongest all-steel bollards availalbe on the market. The energy absorbing bollards allow for instant impact protection on site. Use the Slow Stop Systems for increased warehouse safety.

The Slow Stop Warehouse Protection range is perfect for reducing impact damage around the busiest of warehouse type environments. Each Slow Stop product has been made to witstand many bumps and thumps from work vehicles such as forklifts, reach trucks and more. The highly durable flexible warehouse bollards and Armco style barriers can combine to provide long-lasting protection to important assets as well as protecting pedestrians in the area.

What are Slow Stop Barriers made from?

Slow Stop barriers are made from tough galvanised steel while the bollard bases are made from cast iron. Each Slow Stop Rebounding Bollard can be bolted into place quickly and provides insant protection against impact damage.

How does Slow Stop work?

Slow Stop barriers use an elastomer that is hidden in the base of the unit - during impact the elastomer absorbs the kinetic energy and allows the bollard post to bend up to 20°, reducing damage to the impacting force and the Slow Stop barrier itself.

If covering longer stretches our Slow Stop Guardrail Flexible Protection Barrier may be more suitable to you your area. These polycarbonate barriers can be attached to the previously mentioned bollards and are extremely flexible should they by hit by the likes of forklifts. Their design makes them very similar in looks to Armco barriers.

How long does it take to install Slow Stop?

The SlowStop bollards can be installed in approximately 15 minutes each - the polycarbonate barriers can then be easily attached if you have also purchased these. All in all, full SlowStop systems can be installed in just a few hours.


Slow Stop Barriers

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