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Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers from Pittman can be used in many different environments and workplaces, ideal for keeping crowds in line for events, deterring entry into a particular area or cordoning off areas for workers or maintenance crews.  At Pittman we have a vast array of pedestrian barriers that can be deployed direct to site in an instant, providing effective service for the get-go.

What are pedestrian barriers used for?

Pedestrian barriers are used to close off areas from pedestrian access for the purposes of safety during events, works etc. Pedestrian barriers are available in many different formats and types to help you in the area you need them most. For example, if you run a school or a bank there may be occasions when you need to get students or customers to queue up – using a retractable belt barrier would prove to be an excellent option, allowing you to keep control of crowds and lines by cordoning areas effectively.  A product like the Queuemaster Pedestrian Barrier would be ideal for any professional environment.  Fitted with various belt types and colours as well as post finished these pedestrian barriers can help to sort customers or students effectively, helping to keep neat, organised queue systems in place.

For a more industrial setting there are pedestrian barriers that are sure to help – a barrier like the Ultra Expandable Pedestrian Safety Barrier can be placed onto site, ideal for use with maintenance crews and facility workers.  These expandable pedestrian barriers can be used to deter entry to a particular area, ideal for when dangerous work is being carried out in an area and pedestrians need to keep their distance. These barriers are perfect for blocking a stairway, pothole, door any many more

Popular with construction sites and public works is the Avalon Chapter 8 Pedestrian Barriers. Made with a tough plastic these barriers can be deployed to site where needed and help to deter pedestrians from entering sites or dangerous areas.

When you need the utmost in durabilty use our Armorgard Expandable Steel Barrier, available for fast delivery to site.

How soon can you deliver pedestrian barriers?

At Pittman we keep a vast range of our pedestrian barriers in stock – once ordered we can get them sent out direct to site within a few working days. Whether you need pedestrian barriers for a car park, school, hospital, bank or factory we are sure to have the one for you. Order now.


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