Cane Detection Door Barrier - Sub-Surface Mount

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Compliant with Part M of Building Regulations

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  • 1250(H) x 600(W)
  • 1000mm above ground after installation
  • 48mm tube diameter; 2mm wall thickness
  • Integral tapping rail for cane detection - 150mm above ground
  • Satin 304 grade stainless steel finish
  • Sub-surface design - cast into concrete for permanent installation
  • Professional Use
    Easy Installation
    Concrete In
    Anti Rust
    1 Year Warranty

    The Cane Detection Door Barrier helps to boost accessibility and safety for the visually impaired. The barriers can be installed at entrances to public buildings and premises to help with locating entrances via canes. The integral tapping bar on each unit provides a physical prompt to the visually impaired and helps to reduce the risk of accidents on-site. 

    Each barrier is made from 304 grade stainless steel for a high quality finish. The barriers are suited to most non-coastal environments and can be permanently installed via the sub-surface design. To install simply cast into concrete permanently.

    Following installation, the integral tapping bar on the barrier will be 150mm above ground. For a bolt-down option of the same product consider our sub-surface cane detection barrier also available from stock. 

    All cane barrier orders come in single units. Most doorway will require two units per single doorway. Be sure to order the correct amount of barriers for your project.