Hand Tally Counters

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Trumeter Desk Tally Counter
SKU: 759726
Pittman® Trumeter Desk Tally Counter
Sale price€15.99ex VAT
Trumeter Hand Tally Counter
SKU: 759725
Trumeter Trumeter Hand Tally Counter
Sale price€12.99ex VAT
Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted, 4 Counters
SKU: 759732
Pittman® Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted, 4 Counters
Sale price€63.50ex VAT
Tally Counter - Economy
SKU: 781001
Pittman® Tally Counter - Economy
Sale price€5.00ex VAT

Mechanical and digital clicker counters are both available, giving you the best options for whatever your need is. One of the best selling tally counters is the Trumeter Hand Tally Counter. The very durable chrome plated cover ensures that this tally counter is resistant to all kinds of wear and tear, giving the counter an excellent service life. With a simple click of the button this tally counter adds 1 to the count and can do so up to 9999. Resetting this tally counter is also quite easy, with a reset dial on the right of the machine that can instantly set the count back to zero. These hand tally clicker counters are excellent for counting people, stock taking or other similar applications. Sometimes a digital tally counter may be a better option for you.
Our ever popular Trumeter Hand Tally Counter is at its lowest price ever! Don't forget we offer hand tallies in a variety of new colours also, making it easy to distinguish what you count. Also available from stock is the desk tally counter, perfect for laboratories or turnstile counting applications. For a digital display have a look at our range of LCD hand tally counters. Pittman have hand tallies for every job. Our tally counters are easy to use for any occasion, letting you count people in queues at concerts, stadiums and other public events. They allow you to fill allocated areas and ensure your quota is not overfilled, such as at amusement park rides. They are also used for research methods, such as traffic analysis, scientific research or on conveyor belts.
Also available is the Trumeter Desk Tally Counter which is the same kind of tally counter mentioned earlier. The key difference is that this model comes with a built in plate that allows the user to screw this tally counter into a desk, allowing receptionists or other similar people to keep track of people entering a building. These tally counters can be bolted directly into a desk or other similar flat surface and allow the user to count to very high numbers. To reset all of the tally counters a large dial is located on the right hand side of the machine. Hand tally counters are an ideal solution for anyone that needs to count people entering a building, stock, and other kinds of applications.