Marine Oil Spill Control

Safely Absorb Oil and Fuel Spills from River and Lake Environments

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Contains Spills In Fresh And Sea Water
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Are you looking for Marine Oil Spill Control Material? Then you have come to the right place. Spilkleen Oil and Fuel Pads are medium weight melt blown pads for increased absorbency, it is ultrasonically bonded for increased strength, it is ideal for outside use and selective recovery of oil from water. The pad delivers an absorbency rate of 0.6litres per pad are designed selectively absorb oil and fuels while repelling water and retains its strength even when wet. Its hydrophobic properties help it to float on water even when entirely saturated.

marine oil spill control

Next on the list is Spilkleen Long Oil and Fuel Socks, it is a 3 metre sock that is designed for specific absorption and containment of larger spills of oils and fuels while repelling water. They can be used as a barrier to encircle a spill or can be put at the base of oil drums and machinery to absorb any nuisance leaks or drips. It is constructed with stitched spun bonded outer for improved durability and liquid retention properties. The material has an absorptive capacity of 88litres and is a cost effective way of containing spills in the workplace.

Next on the list is Vac, it is a high volume system for oil and oil emulsion clean up. The portable vacuum system standard 100 has a compressed air powdered vacuum generated head and is mounted on a 200litre drum, transforming it into high-volume industrial vacuum. It can be used for pollution clean up, can remove oil, oil emulsion and absorbent containment materials. This and other such products can be bought on Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.

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