Collapsible Traffic Cone

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Pop Up Cones for Temporary Use

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • 700mm high; Base 320 x 320mm
  • Only 35mm high when fully collapsed
  • Reflective strips - highly visible at all times
  • Easy storage - collapses in seconds
  • Ideal for keeping in vehicles during emergencies
  • Stack multiple cones together - easy storage
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Shatter resistant
Professional Use

The Collapsible Cone is ideal for many kinds of people in many kinds of situations. The collapsible can collapse into its base so you can easily store the post when not in use. They are excellent for private use when a car breaks down to warn other road users.

It’s a lightweight collapsible cone, only weighing 1.75kg so it’s easily transportable. Its high visibility can be the perfect safety device if you have to change a puncture at night time. Long Haul drivers can find these cones to be lifesavers if they break down in the middle of nowhere with no street lights.

Collapsible cone key features

• Each collapsible cone is bright orange in colour with white reflective strips to ensure they can be seen at all times, even in dark conditions on roads or streets

• Because these cones are collapsible it means they can be easily stored when not needed - each cone can be picked up and put away with ease

• These traffic cones are perfect for indoor or outdoor use - they are ideal for using in vehicles when the vehicle itself breaks down or needs assistance while on a road or street

• It may also be useful in indoor areas such as warehouses where workers may need a temporary means to demarcate particular areas that may be out of bounds or to guide vehicles such as forklifts

• The square base of these traffic cones also allow them to sit on top of each other neatly, excellent for when you may be storing multiple cones at once

The collapsible cones are ideal for many situations and easy to store in a vehicle. Order traffic cones today from Pittman Traffic and Safety for a quick and easy solution.


• Height: 720mm
• Base: 320x320mm
• Weight: 1.75kg