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19 Item(s)


Since 2005, Skipper™ has provided unrivalled safety products to many kinds of environments across Ireland. The high-quality systems are ideal for deterring entry, highlighting areas, displaying information or protecting employees from harm. The Skipper systems can help to create versatile barriers systems suitable for long term use. Many of the Skipper products can be combined together to create various setups and designs for your project.

Why choose Skipper™?

Skipper safety systems are highly versatile, robust and designed for use in many kinds of environments. The products are made with highly durable materials and offer many means of improving safety on projects. Skipper products have been widely used in Irish government facilities, warehouses, shopping centres, car parks, museums, local authority work and much more.

The constant development of Skipper™ products means that every item has been fine-tuned to work correctly and efficiently in the environment it's used in. When it comes to the Skipper range many of the items can be combined together to create long-lasting safety systems designed with the user in mind.

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The Skipper™ product range

Skipper retractable tape barrier - a robust tape barrier that contains 9 metres of tape. Install onto standard 750mm traffic cones or onto the Skipper post and base system. Can be attached directly with other Skipper tape barriers, dummy units or wall clips. The brake button prevents accidental retracting and the tape is available in various colours and designs.

Skipper post and base system - combine the posts and bases with the Skipper tape barriers to create large barrier systems fast. Use the posts to create indoor or outdoor systems with ease. Install Skipper recycle bins, sanitiser stations and more. Use as the basis for many Skipper setups. The highly reflective strips allow the posts to be seen at all times while in use.

Skipper wall support bracket - mount Skipper belt barriers to walls with ease. This allows the belts to be used in corridors and other indoor areas without the need for the posts.

Skipper A4 sign holder - mount custom signs into the top of Skipper post and barrier systems. Display important information to customers, employees and more.

skipper xs range

The Skipper™ XS range

The Skipper XS range was created to allow barrier and safety systems to be more versatile in the warehouse and industrial environments. The Skipper XS retractable tape barrier comes with the same 9-metre belt that is used with the standard unit. The difference is that it can be mounted to using four different mounting styles to suit different areas.

These versatile options allow the same Skipper safety system to be used in areas that may not have room for posts and bases. They also allow mounting of belt barriers in tight corridors, warehouse sections etc. where usually they couldn't be mounted, such as glass doors, windows, pallet racking, columns and more.

Skipper Clamp Holder/Receiver - mount the Skipper XS tape to shelving, pallet racking and much more. Simply tighten the clamp onto the required area with ease. Insert the tape onto other tape units, wall mounted clips and more.

Skipper Suction Pad Holder/Receiver - stick the Skipper XS tape onto glass or high gloss surfaces. Can be used as a way to mount the tape or as a receiver for the tape end.

Skipper Magnetic and Cord Strap Holder/Receiver- the strap can be used around poles and large columns to mount the belt. The additional magnetic means that it will also stick to steel areas, allowing easy holding or receiving of the belt.

Skipper Curved Cord Strap Holder/Receiver - allows the Skipper XS barriers to be installed onto76mm poles and more. LIke the magnetic version the cord can be pulled around the back to tighten into position.

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