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Ireland's Best Range of Outdoor Mats to Reduce Slips and Falls

Choose from a wide range of outdoor mats delivered fast. To boost rooftop grip choose the Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti Slip Matting. For ground protection on construction sites use the Euromat Ground Protection Mat. Capture dirt and debris and save on indoor cleaning costs with the multi-purpose GHP Rubber Mat

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Outdoor Mats
GHP Rubber MatGHP Rubber Mat
SKU: 712101
Pittman® GHP Rubber Mat
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Multi-Purpose Mat Delivered Fast
EASI Rubber Grass MattingEASI Rubber Grass Matting
SKU: 863716
Pittman® EASI Rubber Grass Matting
Sale price€29.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Grass Mat at Ireland's Best Price
Spaghetti Site Safety MatSpaghetti Site Safety Mat
SKU: 748049
Pittman® Spaghetti Site Safety Mat
Sale price€659.00ex VAT
Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip MattingCrossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
SKU: 730100
Pittman® Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom €679.50ex VAT
Countours to Roof Structures and Stable up to 60mph winds
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Rubber Brush™ Outdoor Entrance Mat Corner DetailRubber Brush Outdoor Entrance Mat Cold
SKU: 721439
Notrax Rubber Brush™ Outdoor Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €44.50ex VAT
Thousands of Flexible Bristles to Remove Dirt
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SuperScrape Outdoor Rubber MatSuperScrape Outdoor Rubber Mat
SKU: 901487
Pittman Ireland SuperScrape Outdoor Rubber Mat
Sale priceFrom €79.00ex VAT
Heavyweight Scraper Mat for Strong Dirt Removal
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Vynagrip Anti Slip MatVynagrip Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 730110
Pittman Ireland Vynagrip Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €379.50ex VAT
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Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat - BlueGripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat - Changing Room
SKU: 861156
Notrax Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat
Sale priceFrom €101.50ex VAT
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Sani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant MatSani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant Mat
SKU: 721451
Notrax Sani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant Mat
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Holds up to 4.5 Litres of Disinfectant Solution
Array Grass MattingArray Grass Matting
SKU: 863715
Pittman® Array Grass Matting
Sale price€1,290.00ex VAT
Ideal For Permanent or Temporary Use
Soil Guard Outdoor Entrance MatSoil Guard Outdoor Entrance Mat In Place At Doorway
SKU: 722306
Notrax Soil Guard™ Outdoor Entrance Mat
Sale price€58.50ex VAT
Scraper Mat To Stop Dirt At The Door
Vynagrip Anti Slip Standalone MatVynagrip Anti Slip Standalone Mat
SKU: 730131
Pittman Ireland Vynagrip Anti Slip Standalone Mat
Sale priceFrom €143.00ex VAT
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Heronair Anti Slip MatHeronair Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 730135
Pittman® Heronair Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €459.50ex VAT
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Chek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip MatChek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 898996
Pittman® Chek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €479.00ex VAT
Extreme Anti-Slip Mat
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Floorline Anti Slip MatFloorline Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 730138
Pittman® Floorline Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €459.50ex VAT
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Sanitop Deluxe™ Anti-fatigue MatSanitop Deluxe™ Anti-fatigue Mat
SKU: 722270
Notrax Sanitop Deluxe™ Anti-fatigue Mat
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
Sanitop™ Anti-fatigue MatSanitop™ Anti-fatigue Mat
SKU: 722225
Notrax Sanitop™ Anti-fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €57.04ex VAT
Basic Comfort In Wet Areas
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Wayfarer® 10mm Outdoor Entrance MatWayfarer® 10mm Outdoor Entrance Mat
SKU: 721385
Notrax Wayfarer® 10mm Outdoor Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €125.95ex VAT
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Anchor Safe Forklift Entrance MatAnchor Safe Forklift Entrance Mat
SKU: 725410
Pittman® Anchor Safe Forklift Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €76.00ex VAT
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Outdoors mats reduce the risk of slips and falls outdoors. The mats can be installed in many areas to provide better footing for outdoor environments. Outdoor mats are usually made from tough rubber so that they can be used in all seasons and weather conditions.

Most outdoor matting will have holes in the surface. This is to allow for drainage in the case or rain and snow. Providing drainage allows the mats surface to remain clear at all times.

There are a number of benefits that oudoor mats can provide including

  • Increased grip for pedestrians
  • Protecting grass and vegetation (if used on grass areas)
  • Stopping the spread of dirt and debris indoors

outdoor mat

Most outdoor mats will be made from rubber. Rubber outdoor mats tend to last much longer than most other designs. This material also allows the mat to be laid out on uneven surfaces.

Use outdoor mats to prevent the spread of dirt and debris indoors. By placing matting at entrances to premises pedestrians will be able to wipe their feet. Doing this helps to stop dirt and reduce cleaning costs.

A mat like the Fingertip Rubber Entrance Mat can be used to removed dirt and debris from shoes before they enter the premises. The excellent rubber design makes it ideal for using outside a business entrance, school entrance and more.

outdoor matting


Outdoor mats need holes in them if they are being used outdoors. The holes allow for drainage of rainwater and reduce risk of slipping.

The RampMat Multi Purpose Mat is a typical example of outdoor matting and can be placed at entrances to scrape dirt before pedestrians spread dirt around your premises. The loose lay format of the mats allows them to be installed with great ease on site.

If you have rooftops and walkways that require outdoor matting, there are several options available. Outdoor rooftop matting is often used for maintenance and facilities employees who may need rooftop access on a regular basis. These mats can be laid out on rooftop membranes and walkways to provide sure footing for these employees. Use the Chek PRO Hi-Viz Yellow Anti Slip Matting for a highly visible option suitable for most outdoor areas.

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