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Get Fast Delivery on professional convex mirrors from stock. For warehouses and car parks choose the SeeClear Extra Convex Mirror. For vandal resistance in urban cities and towns choose the SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirrors.

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Road Safety Convex Mirrors
SeeClear Steel Convex MirrorSeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors - 320mm
SKU: 758448
SeeClear SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors - 320mm
Sale price€149.00ex VAT
SeeClear Convex Steel MirrorsSeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors
SKU: 758442
SeeClear SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors
Sale priceFrom €349.00ex VAT
Ireland's Strongest Traffic Mirror - Long-Lasting Steel Design
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SeeClear EXTRA Convex MirrorSeeClear EXTRA Convex Mirror
SKU: 762162
SeeClear SeeClear EXTRA Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €135.00ex VAT
Pittman's Most Popular Convex Mirror
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Authority Stainless Steel MirrorAuthority Stainless Steel Mirror
SKU: 758444
SeeClear Authority Stainless Steel Mirror
Sale priceFrom €399.00ex VAT
Vandal Resistant Mirror Made for Irish Roads
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SeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex MirrorSeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex Mirror
SKU: 898972
SeeClear SeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex Mirror
Sale price€999.00ex VAT
Glass convex mirror on public streetConvex mirror mounted on dangerous bend
SKU: 758100
Moravia View Ultra Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €552.95ex VAT
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wall bracket for convex mirror
SKU: 758435
SeeClear SeeClear Road Side Convex Mirror Bracket
Sale price€59.50ex VAT
durable IceFree mirror in snowy areaMirror comparison
SKU: 758155
Pittman® Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Mirror
Sale priceFrom €2,143.00ex VAT
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Heated convex mirror on a poleHeated convex mirror in city centre
SKU: 758105
Moravia View Ultra Heated Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €301.50ex VAT
Built In Heater For Frosty Days
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Spion Convex MirrorSpion Convex Mirror
SKU: 758203
Moravia Spion Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €122.95ex VAT
Reduce Workplace Blindspots & Boost Safety
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Roadside Convex Safety Mirrors are widely used by both commercial premises and local authorities to help eliminate blind spots on approach to roads, junctions and entrances. Convex mirrors are ideal for use in road safety applications - because the domed effect of the mirror will give a wider angle view it will allow the driver to see down the road from a wider range of parked positions.

Steel road mirrors are ideal for use in urban and rural settings. The steel design is highly resistant against impact and will provide years of service life on Irish roads.

Road safety mirrors are also ideal for use at hidden entrances and exits at rural business premises. Install the mirrors in places where HGV drivers or employees are having trouble seeing around blindspots. Having road safety mirrors in place on commercial premises can reduce the risk of accidents and collisions drastically.

Choose Pittman for expert advice on road safety convex mirrors designed for Irish roads and business premises. Need the latest specifications or bulk discounts? Call our sales team on 01 531 2777 for advice on our convex mirror range made for professionals.

See our full list of convex mirrors FAQ for more information and help in selecting the correct mirror.

road safety convex mirrors

Do Convex Mirrors really work?

Convex mirrors are highly effective and are very popular with local authorities and business owners. There are two main reasons why mirrors won’t help: they may be weathered excessively or they are too small. Even after as little as two years, the Winter cold and the Summer sun can cause cheaper acrylic mirrors to deteriorate – the cold can cloud cheap acrylic mirrors and the sun can make them brittle.

The SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirrors provide a highly durable option for Irish roadways. The steel design can be mounted to standard 76mm poles with the included bracket. The steel mirror is a favourite with local authorities and businesses as it requires little to no maintenance and is highly robust during use.

What size Convex Mirror do I need?

Each of our product pages for our mirrors will show a maximum viewing distance rating – typically a 600mm diameter convex mirror is useful when viewed no more than 6 Metres or 20 feet away. Above this distance you need to use a bigger mirror. In truth if your roadside mirror is not big enough – it may actually be a detriment to road safety….


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