Parking Enforcement

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Wheel Clamp Starter KitWheel Clamp Starter Kit
SKU: 751171
Pittman® Wheel Clamp Starter Kit
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Triangular London Wheel ClampTriangular London Wheel Clamp
SKU: 751170
Pittman Ireland Triangular London Wheel Clamp
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Parking Notice Enclosed Sticker
SKU: 753090
Pittman® Parking Notice Enclosed Sticker
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Wheel Clamp Warning Stickers Wheel Clamp Warning Sticker Yellow
SKU: 753701
Pittman® Wheel Clamp Warning Sticker Yellow
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Parking Warning Sticker - extreme adhesiveNo Parking Stickers - Extreme Adhesive
SKU: 753700
Pittman® No Parking Stickers - Extreme Adhesive
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Please Refrain Parking Windscreen StickerNo Parking Stickers - Regular Adhesive
SKU: 753704
Pittman® No Parking Stickers - Regular Adhesive
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Parking Violation Sticker - Roll of 150Parking Violation Sticker - Roll of 150
SKU: 753702
Pittman® Parking Violation Sticker - Roll of 150
Sale price€89.50ex VAT
Private Car Parking StickersWarning Sticker Private Area Red - Roll 250
SKU: 753703
Pittman® Warning Sticker Private Area Red - Roll 250
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Parking for Customers Only Safety Sign
SKU: 815742a
Pittman® Parking for Customers Only Safety Sign
Sale priceFrom €35.00ex VAT
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PITTMAN stock a complete range of parking enforcement supplies - wheel clamps, windscreen stickers and signage.

Illegally parked cars provide a real nuisance especially around schools and hospitals for obvious safety reasons as well as in car parks and commercial premises. With the increasing number of cars on the roads and reduction in the number of parking spaces available it’s essential that drivers are aware of where they can park, and that there are measures in place to ensure cars aren’t parked where they shouldn’t be.

Parking enforcement measures are essential for regulating private-off-street parking including privately owned car parks and any pieces of land used for parking such as in supermarkets, hospitals at railway station or in office car parks. To ensure spaces are only used by designated users parking enforcement is a necessity.

Pittman supply a wide range of parking enforcement products including wheel clamps, wheel clamp starter kits, windscreen labels and parking notices.

Wheel clamps come in a variety of sizes to suit a multitude of vehicles. Our thick steel clamps feature link chains and can be locked with a standard padlock. Suitable for use in car parks in private company areas our extra-large Wheel Clamps for HGVs are also available to stop trucks and heavy vehicles parking illegally, while clamps are also an excellent security device. Ideal for use on trucks, vans and 4x4s or any other large vehicle, clamps are made from tough resilient steel and hardened chains to ensure the clamp remains in place.

Pittman’s Wheel Clamp Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to clamp a car including one London triangular Wheel Clamp, an Economy Disk Padlock, roll of Clamping stickers and Clamping warning sign to use in a car park.

As well as useful for parking enforcement Wheel Clamps are also ideal ways to secure private cars, caravans and trailers keeping them protected from theft.

Pittman also supply easy to affix and easy to remove warning signs to stop drivers from parking in private parking spaces. Stickers can be affixed to windows or windscreens and act as a deterrent warning owners they are parking in undesignated areas. Warning stickers are also available notifying drivers of the possibility of being clamped if they continue to park in certain areas,

In the event a vehicle needs to be moved without the owner being present the Gojak Model 5000 Vehicle Moving Jack can assist. This tool can be particular invaluable in the event a car needs to be moved because it’s blocking an emergency exit or causing significant disruption to traffic flow and parking. The Jack is currently used by body shops, showrooms, airports and car parking companies.

For help and advice on selecting the right parking enforcement products contact our friendly, expert sales team on or call us on 01 531 2777.