Steel Storage Boxes

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Armorgard OxBox™Armorgard OxBox™
SKU: 895966
Armorgard Armorgard OxBox™
Sale priceFrom €395.00ex VAT
Armorgards Most Affordable Steel Storage Box
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Armorgard Tuffbank™Armorgard Tuffbank™
SKU: 895917
Armorgard Armorgard Tuffbank™
Sale priceFrom €505.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Strongbank™Armorgard Strongbank™
SKU: 895948
Armorgard Armorgard Strongbank™
Sale price€2,035.00ex VAT
Armorgard TransBank Chem™Armorgard TransBank Chem™
SKU: 895902
Armorgard Armorgard TransBank Chem™
Sale priceFrom €425.00ex VAT
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BarroBox Steel Storage BoxArmorgard BarroBox™
SKU: 896060
Armorgard Armorgard BarroBox™
Sale price€1,105.00ex VAT
ToolBin Steel Storage BoxArmorgard ToolBin™
SKU: 896004
Armorgard Armorgard ToolBin™
Sale price€385.00ex VAT
Armorgard FlamBank™Armorgard FlamBank™
SKU: 896034
Armorgard Armorgard FlamBank™
Sale priceFrom €725.00ex VAT
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Armorgard ChemBank CB2Armorgard ChemBank CB2 Lid Open
SKU: 896046
Armorgard Armorgard Chembank™
Sale priceFrom €985.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Trans Bank TRB1Armorgard Trans Bank In Use
SKU: 895903
Armorgard Armorgard Transbank™
Sale priceFrom €350.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FittingStor™Armorgard FittingStor™
SKU: 896027
Armorgard Armorgard FittingStor™
Sale priceFrom €1,285.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Mobile TuffBenchArmorgard TuffBench MBH12-VF In Use On Site
SKU: 896055
Armorgard Armorgard Mobile TuffBench™
Sale priceFrom €1,290.00ex VAT
Armorgard's Combi Bench And Storage Cabinet
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Armorgard Pipestor™Armorgard Pipestor™
SKU: 895956
Armorgard Armorgard Pipestor™
Sale priceFrom €1,325.00ex VAT
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Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™
SKU: 895924
Armorgard Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™
Sale priceFrom €965.00ex VAT
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Armorgard TrekDror Steel Tool DrawerArmorgard TrekDror Steel Tool Drawer
SKU: 725429
Pittman® Armorgard TrekDror Steel Tool Drawer
Sale priceFrom €585.00ex VAT
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Armorgard DrumBank™Armorgard DrumBank™
SKU: 896042
Pittman® Armorgard DrumBank™
Sale priceFrom €425.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FlamStor™Armorgard FlamStor™
SKU: 896021
Pittman® Armorgard FlamStor™
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At Pittman we are a proud supplier of Armorgard Steel Storage Boxes and Site Boxes, ideal for the likes of busy tradesmen and construction workers who need to keep their valuable work tools and equipment locked up and secure when not in use. Our range of steel storage boxes are suitable for many different environments and areas and can provide excellent security when needed. When locked the steel boxes will deter theft of items and some even come with the ability to attach forklift skids and castors for easy movement around building sites.

In terms of quality nothing will beat the Armorgard Steel Site Boxes Range.

What are steel storage boxes used for?

Steel site boxes can be used to store various tools and implements that may be used by workers on a building site. The Toolbin Steel Storage Box is a great example, made from tough galvanised steel for the utmost in quality and security while in use. Each site box can be locked using the integral hasp and staple that can then in turn be locked with a standard padlock. If you need to move this steel box you can do so easily using the fold down handles on the sides of the box. These tough boxes help to protect tools from theft as well as the elements when being used in outdoor environments.

Are Armorgard Steel Storage Boxes lockable?

All Armorgard site boxes are lockable, whether they come with a hasp and staple system or an integral locking mechanism. The Tuffbank Steel Storage Box can be locked using a 5-lever deadlock system and secured for excellent protection of goods. The Tuffbank comes with various size options that allow you to use them on site or for tool storage in the back of a truck or van.

For more information on our steel storage boxes range please call us on 01 531 2111.

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