Rack Protection

Rack Protection

Rack Protection For Increased Warehouse Safety - Ireland's Best Range

Choose from Ireland's widest range of steel racking protectors designed to reduce costly warehouse accidents. Maintain the best safety standards and meet warehouse legal requirements. Install on site fast for reduced warehouse downtime and instantly boost safety. Call Michael on 086 771 2159 or email [email protected] for fast quotations and the latest specifications.

30 Item(s)

30 Item(s)

Rack Protection

Get expert advice on rack protection products - delivered fast from Pittman's Irish warehouse. Protect pallet racking and reduce accidents and expensive repair costs. Keep employees safe and maintain excellent safety standards in warehouses, loading bays and more. Contact Michael on 0867712159 for help choosing the best racking protectors for your project.

Rack protection provides protection to pallet racking and assets in the area. Racking protection comes in the form of steel bollards, corner guards or barriers - all made with the intention of protecting infrastructure from impact damage from the likes of forklifts and work vehicles.

Racking protection is essential for many kinds of warehouse and industrial type environments, big or small. Having this kind of protection is needed especially where stock and products are being stored on pallet racking.

Having the right rack protection in place will help to reduce damage to nearby assets and will help to save money in repair costs for your company.

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How to install rack protection

Rack protection should be installed close to the bases of pallet racks. A small amount of room should be left in case of impact. If impact occurs it will put space between the impacting vehicle and the racking, helping to reduce the risk of damage.

The Defender Pallet Rack Protection can be installed quickly and easily to site with a simple bolt down format. The Defender Right Angle Pallet Rack Protection can be installed on the ground at racking and will instantly provide protection against impact should it occur. The rack protector is available in 3 different heights and comes with a powder-coated yellow colour with black chevron markings, suitable for a warehouse or industrial type setting. The additional rollers help to deflect impacts should they occur.

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Another excellent product is the Defender U-Shaped Pallet Rack Protection. This protector will surround beams and racks to protect it from all sides.

To protect racking running along the ground use our Traffic Line Shelf Protective Barrier - these excellent pallet racking guards can be installed quickly and easily and can protect multiple areas of a warehouse at once. Each set of the rack end protectors includes the end frame guards and the central rails that help to keep forklifts and other workplace machinery at bay, avoiding costly repairs of infrastructure and protecting valuable stock.

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Some products can also protect walls and pipes as well as pallet racking. The Slow Stop range of all-steel warehouse barriers will protect your warehouse assets from impact damage. Use the Slow Stop Guardrail Flexible Protection as wall protection as well as racking protection. The fully customisable design will allow you to create tailored setups for your project. 

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