Spill Absorbent

Absorb Water, Chemical or Oil Spills Fast For Safe and Easy Disposal

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Spill Mates Spill PadsSpill Mates Spill Pads
SKU: 748374
Fosse Spill Mates Spill Pads
Sale price€72.50ex VAT
Fast Absorption for Industrial Based Spills
Shoulder Bag Spill Kit - MaintenanceShoulder Bag Spill Kit - Oil And Fuel
SKU: 861485
Fosse Shoulder Bag Spill Kit
Sale priceFrom €104.00ex VAT
Complies with BS 7959 and ISO 9001:2008
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Spill Kill Water Guard Absorbent StripsSpill Kill Water Guard Absorbent Strips
SKU: 898975
Fosse Spill Kill Water Guard Absorbent Strips
Sale price€84.00ex VAT
Handy Bag Spill KitHandy Bag Spill Kit
SKU: 861481
Fosse Handy Bag Spill Kit
Sale priceFrom €37.00ex VAT
ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Spill Kit
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Plant Nappy Small Size 50Plant Nappy Small Size 50
SKU: 861668
Fosse Plant Nappy Small Size 50
Sale priceFrom €50.00ex VAT
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Plant Nappy Standard Size 100Plant Nappy Standard Size 100
SKU: 861666
Fosse Plant Nappy Standard Size 100
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Plant Nappy Large Size 200Plant Nappy Large Size 200
SKU: 861664
Fosse Plant Nappy Large Size 200
Sale priceFrom €240.00ex VAT
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Spillkleen Chemical Spill PadsSpillkleen Chemical Spill Pads
SKU: 861550
Fosse Spillkleen Chemical Spill Pads
Sale price€80.00ex VAT
Spilkleen Maintenance SocksSpilkleen Maintenance Socks
SKU: 861525
Fosse Spilkleen Maintenance Socks
Sale priceFrom €65.00ex VAT
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Spilchoice Maintenance SocksSpilchoice Maintenance Socks
SKU: 861601
Fosse Spilchoice Maintenance Socks
Sale priceFrom €31.20ex VAT
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Spilkleen 120 Litre Wheeled Bin Spill Kit & RefillSpilkleen 120 Litre Wheeled Bin Spill Kit & Refill
SKU: 861444
Fosse Spilkleen 120 Litre Wheeled Bin Spill Kit & Refill
Sale priceFrom €130.00ex VAT
Respond Quickly to On-Site Spills
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Spillchoice Oil Absorbent BoomsSpillchoice Oil Absorbent Booms
SKU: 861644
Pittman Ireland Spillchoice Oil Absorbent Booms
Sale priceFrom €98.18ex VAT
Contains Spills In Fresh And Sea Water
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A spill absorbent can help with soaking up liquids for easier disposal. Spill absorbents come in different shapes and sizes and can help with faster cleanup on site.

Once the absorbent has captured the fluid it can be disposed of easily. Depending on the liquid involed in the spill may mean that you require a specific type of absorbent material.

A spill absorbent can come in the form of

  • Spill cushions
  • Spill socks
  • Spill pads
  • Spill granules

what is a spill absorbent?

The Spill Mates Spill Pads can assist with various spills around the warehouse. The melt blown absorbent pads are ultrasonically bonded for increased strength. This reduces the risk of tearing during use. The dimpled design on the pads allow for faster absorption, allowing you to clean spills quicker.

Spill socks can help you get into hard to reach places and cover larger distances. The socks can be used to encircle spills to get better control for easier cleanup. The Spilkleen Maintenance Socks have been stitched spun for better liquid retention. Use on non-aggressive liquids.

spill granules

Absorbent Granules can allow you to deal with larger spills quickly. Simply pour the granules onto the spill so that the liquid will harden or turn to dust. Once this happens the spill is much easier to sweep up and dispose of. The Spilkleen Loose Absorbent Granules are available in clay, sawdust or cellulose material. They are ideal for dealing with larger oil, fuel and water based spills.

spill absorbent strips

For everyday water spills use the Spill Kill Water Guard Absorbent Strips. These highly absorbent strips can hold up to 3 litres of water each. They are perfect for supermarkets, schools and more. The non-drip design allows for easier disposal once the water is absorbed. They can also be used to clean most water based liquids including bleach, cleaning materials, body fluids and more.

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