Entrance Mats

Stop Dirt from Spreading Indoors with High Quality Entrance Mats

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29 Item(s)

Entrance Mats

Why use an entrance mat?

Use an entrance mat to help remove dirt and debris from pedestrian shoes. Doing this allows you to reduce indoor cleaning costs for your premises. Entrance matting can help to stop the spread of dirt and debris across carpets.

why use an entrance mat?

As well as delivering important practical benefits, entrance door mats also give visitors their first impression of a company or organisation. Pittman supply entrance mats in a wide range of colours and patterns to match and complement any interior, giving entrances a professional stylish appearance.

Use the Aqua Trap Door Entrance Matting to reduce the spread of water and dirt indoors. The surface design helps to remove stubborn dirt from shoes. Each mat can retain a large amount of water to reduce the risk slips indoors. 

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Where to install entrance mats?

Install entrance mats at key doorways at your premises. By removing dirt and debris before it has a chance to spread you can reduce cleaning costs and slips and falls. 

If installing outdoor entrance mats ensure they have holes for drainage. The GHP Rubber Mat allows for excellent grip during rain. The holes in the surface allow for drainage and keep the surface free of water buildup.

For more information about our comprehensive range of entrance mats – or for help in selecting the appropriate matting system for your property contact our team at Pittman or call us on 015312777.

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